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ABacoustics have extensive knowledge and experience in providing sound systems for all types of live entertainment; from rock to classical, a bandstand in a park to corporate dinner events, and even from TV studios to large televised events. We also cater for both large and small scale sporting events across the country.


Van Morrisson & Bryn Terfel @ Festival of Voice 2016


Wiley @ Osfest

We stock a wide range of quality audio equipment, including Midas, Allen & Heath and Yamaha consoles; EAW, Coda, Logic Systems, and Proel speaker systems; Shure, Schoeps, DPA, and Audio Technica microphones, plus much more!


We Can Do It All:


Live sound systems of all sizes for bands and music festivals.


Mixers, Monitors, and all manner of DJ Equipment.


Small-scale sound systems perfect for parties and community events.


Discreet speech and AV reinforcement systems suitable for conferences and corporate events.


Wireless headsets, lapel and lectern  microphones, and handheld radio mic systems for theatre and television.

For a full list of our hire stock please click below:

AB Acoustics Inventory 2017